How Your Kids' Swimwear Can Make Or Break Your Beach Holiday

With borders re-opening (woop woop!), and the wettest Summer on record, this year more Australian families than ever will be excited to get on a plane and head somewhere beautiful for some winter sun! When you're heading off on a family beach holiday for just one or two weeks, it's tempting to look to scrimp on your kids' swimwear... after all, they'll have grown by the time next Summer rolls around, right?


kids swimwear family beach holiday

Every Mama knows that beach days with little ones aren't nearly as idyllic as they look on Instagram. For some reason our little water babies don't just want to slump poolside with a mocktail, they're going to want to stay out too long in the sun, run full pelt towards the waves, decide they want their swimsuit off (and then on again. straight away..), need take a pee RIGHT NOW, and so much more...

And as a brand that's made it our mission to get more little water babies to fall head over heels in love with the ocean, we want to ensure your family is set up to have the best time on the beach! Not to mention squeeze every last little minute of fun out of your winter holiday...

girls swimwear family beach holiday

So at risk of bursting your sunshiney, holiday bubble, consider this a little PSA from a Mama who spends about 50% of her life thinking about kids swimwear (I know, obsessed!): your kids swimwear can make or break your beach holiday. For real!

Read on, and let me tell you how your kids swimwear can make your beach holiday easy, breezy and picture perfect instead!


kids swimwear playing beach family holiday comfort


1. Does your kids swimwear let them play all day in comfort?

If your family holiday game plan is all about spending long, lazy days on the sand, choosing kids swimwear that keeps your little water babies in comfort will be key.

Ever noticed those exposed inner seams in their high street swimwear? Just add salt water and sun screen and it will leave bubs scratching and chafing after just an hour or two. Our top tip: look for swimwear made from soft, stretchy and quality material with full body linings and a zipper cover - we promise you'll all be happier for it.

(Pssst... not to brag, but our buttery soft and durable Repreve-certified material is a delight to feel, and we use it also in our kids swimwears' full body linings for superior comfort)


kids swimwear girls upf50 protection beach holiday


2. Does your kids swimwear have a sun protective treatment?

Every Australian parent knows the drill: our children have more sensitive skin than we do, and it's essential to protect it from the sun's harmful rays. But you may not know, that this isn't just about choosing, long-sleeve styles, being liberal with sun screen and adding a hat (although it can't hurt). Did you know the sun's UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the fibres of your child's swimsuit too? 

We've written extensively about why you should choose kids swimwear with UPF50+ here, but we'll give you a two line recap regardless! A bit like sun screen has a SPF rating, your kids swimwear ought to come with a UPF rating too. If it's not marked, it's not there.

UPF50+ rated kids swimwear has been rated as 50 x more effective at preventing the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating to your child's skin through the fabric of the swimwear. It's essential part of your beach-side armoury, and not something to miss!


kids swimwear boys swimsuit girls swimsuit beach holiday quick dry material


3. Does your kids swimwear leave them wet and cold?

Yes, we KNOW, the point of kids swimwear is so your little water babies can enjoy getting wet, whether its pool-side or in the waves. But quality kids swimwear will also help them get warm and dry again as soon as possible!

Ever noticed your little one start to shiver (or their lips turning that dreaded blue) as soon as the sun pops just for a minute behind the nearest cloud. And yep, it always seems to happen just as you've got REALLY comfy on your sun lounger...

Look for swimwear made of a lightweight, quick dry material. Heavier, natural fibres (as beautiful as they are) can often be a key culprit here, as can thicker boys' board shorts. When it comes to quick-dry boys' and girls' swimwear: we got you!


kids swimwear family beach holidays swimsuit hacks


4. Does your kids swimwear come with built in 'beach hacks'?

Are you the kind of Mama who applies sun-screen in the boot of the car? Never forgets the snacks? (and keeps them in a sand-proof tupperware to boot?).

We know carting little ones to and from the beach can feel a bit like a military operation at times. But did you know that your kids' swimwear, especially swimwear designed for babies and toddlers, should come with it's own built in set of features that make family beach holidays that bit easier?

When browsing kids swimwear for your next family beach holiday, check to see whether those bathers contain the following:

  • Extended fabric zipper pulls - we promise they make getting wet, wriggly children out of their swimwear SO much easier... particularly if you're chasing them down the sand at the time!
  • Snap stud bottoms - a GAME CHANGER for parents of little ones still in swim nappies, or still getting the hang of independent toileting. Although, let's be honest, getting a wet swimsuit on and off a child of any age for toilet breaks is no easy task! Snap stud bottoms make it a total cinch.
  • UPF50+ certification: so essential, it's worth mentioning twice! Unless you want to be constantly applying sun screen from top to toe (including UNDER your kids' swimwear) UPF50+ sun protection on your swimwear is a must.
  • Soft fabric with sealed (rather than exposed) zippers and seams - no-one wants a baby or toddler with beach rash! Keeping potential skin irritants under wraps is a no-brainer, but something that often gets sacrificed to maximise high street profit margins (sad but true!)


kids swimwear girls swimsuit beach ocean friendly


5. Does your kids swimwear help or harm the oceans they swim in?

Sure, this family beach holiday is all about making beautiful memories, but what about the beach holidays of the future? A recent study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that by 2050 our beautiful oceans will contain more plastic than fish!

Since, that's around the time your kids will be heading to the beach with families of their own, do your grand-kids a favour and choose swimwear that keeps our beaches and oceans beautiful! Because your kids swimwear is either helping - or harming - the ocean they swim in. Choose sustainable kids swimwear, and help preserve our oceans for the next generation.

Designed to provide an antidote to the unsustainable kids' fast fashion options on the high street, Little Fishy Swimwear is designed to be as ocean-friendly as possible. Not only are our ocean-inspired designs made of recycled plastic bottles, but we also donate $1 per purchase do the incredible Take 3 for the Sea: a local Australian charity dedicated to cleaning our beaches and teaching the next generation about ocean conservation.


kids swimwear girls swimsuit family beach holiday


Don't let poorly-made kids swimwear come between you and a great family beach holiday!

It's a little thing that can make a world of difference, and a little difference to the world too. Before you jet off with the kids for a little winter sun make sure they've got bathers that are as comfortable as the day is long, UPF50+ certified, quick dry and full of handy features to make long beach days a breeze.

And lastly, spare a thought for the ocean you'll be swimming with. Choosing 'ocean-friendly' swimwear can help preserve our beautiful beaches and oceans for generations to come.

If you'd like to explore Little Fishy's ocean-friendly, and Mum-approved swimwear for babies, toddlers and kids aged up to 6 years old, have a browse of the best-sellers below (and don't forget we offer a discount on your first order when you sign up to our newsletter!)


Adorable and sustainable swimwear that loves the ocean back!